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Welcome to the website of the Yukon Human Rights Commission.  At this site you will find information about our work, about human rights in general, and about specific human rights issues. If you feel you have experienced discrimination, this site will explain our complaints process. If you are an employer or service provider, you will find information here about your rights and responsibilities.

If you are looking for more information about human rights and fairness, you will also find links to Canadian and international human rights resources and organizations.

The Yukon Human Rights Commission is an independent commission created by the Yukon Legislative Assembly. Our mandate as laid out in Section 16 of the Yukon Human Rights Act is to promote equality and diversity through research, education and enforcement of the Yukon Human Rights Act.

Also see Yukon Human Rights Regulations | Yukon Human Rights Regulations French Version , which establishes the procedures of the Commission and Board of Adjudication for administration of the Yukon Human Rights Act.

TAKE NOTE (Disclaimer):
Any reference to the “Unofficial Consolidation” of the Yukon Human Rights Act or Regulations refers to documents which incorporate the new 2009 amendments to the Act and Regulations. When using the legislation for official purposes, individuals should refer to the official original documents of the Acts and Regulations printed and published by the Yukon Queen’s Printer which are available from queens.printer@gov.yk.ca or at the Yukon Public Law Library yukon.law.library@gov.yk.ca and at Yukon public libraries.


The Yukon Legislature passed Bill 71 on May 14, 2009 making changes to the Yukon Human Rights Act.  Over the summer and fall of 2009, the Department of Justice worked on Regulations to harmonize with the changes in Bill 71 and consulted with the Commission on the draft Regulations. On December 10, 2009 the new Act and amended Regulations were brought into effect.  See “What’s New” section for more details.

For further information about the Commission and about your rights and responsibilities under the Yukon Human Rights Act, please contact us.


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